The Real Vera Bradley: The Story Behind the Brand

by jen

These days, the Vera Bradley brand is a very recognizable name. Known for their trademark bright and colorful quilted handbag designs, the brand has successfully become an empire unto itself, and has spawned a thousand knockoffs along the way. But…

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Flashback: The Handbags of the 1980s

by dawn

While everyone thinks of the late 90s and early 2000s as the era of the “it” bag, women have been mad about bags for much longer than that. In many ways, the handbag craze really is an extension of how…

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Embellished Bags: The Antidote to Minimalism?

by angelina

Season after season, it seems that a lot of the “it” bags that have exploded onto the scene have trended more to the minimalistic side of things; smooth leathers, austere, boxy designs, and sturdy, logo-free cross-body bags have ruled the…

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A Sure Sign of Summer: The Straw Tote

by dan

There are few handbags that signal the arrival of warmer weather like the straw tote does. Whether you use a straw tote every week to make your visit to the farmer’s market or once in a while for a trip…

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The Kara Ross My Purseonality Collection

by athena

As is often the case when the spring season approaches, there’s new collection of luxury handbags launching on the scene. This in and of itself is certainly nothing to write home about, but then, you haven’t seen the bags yet….

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