The Welcome Arrival of the Mid-Range Designer Bag

by dawn

At the very peak of the “it” bag era, a very strange thing happened. Well yes, the market crashed pretty much killing consumer confidence, but there was something else; unexpectedly, the prices of designer handbags not only continued to peak,…

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High-End Handbags: A New Kind of High-Stakes Heist

by dan

When you try and envision what a high-stakes heist might look like, your mind probably immediately turns to that old Hollywood theme of cat-burglars and jewel thieves dressed in skin-tight black leotards, listening to safes with stethoscopes or drilling a…

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Your Bag Can Speak, and It’s Talking About You

by athena

Anyone who follows trends in fashion and accessories has probably read an article or two about what your sartorial choices say about you. It seems that handbags in particular are often the focus of much of this kind of analysis….

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Prada Ups Their Game with the Inside Bag

by jake

Bloggers and fashion writers everywhere are all praising the merits of Prada’s latest offering, the Inside Bag. This praise comes none too soon; Prada’s handbag line had been suffering from some pretty lacklustre sales figures for the past several seasons,…

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The Lifecycle of a Handbag

by angelina

Everyone can agree that there is no shortage of handbag styles to choose from in the modern world. Whether you’re looking for something that screams the latest runway trends or a quieter style with the potential for decades of longevity,…

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