Designer Purses on Canal Street (New York)

Designer Purses at Canal Street

What the heck is Canal Street? Canal Street is located in New York City between Worth Street and Kenmare Street. That general area is recognized as the China Town of New York City. So, what does this even have to do with designer purses, Jen? Well, Canal Street is known for their Replica Designer Handbags—including top designer brands such as (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Christian Dior, Prada, Versace and the list continues). Let’s take a taxi ride to Canal Street, shall we?

As you walk down Canal Street, don’t be surprised if a gentleman stops you to show you a flyer with pictures of many different designer handbags. His goal is to get you to purchase one of his designer handbags. But, why would you even consider buying a bag from a random stranger on the street? Well, what if I told you that he was willing to sell you the brand new Louis Vuitton – Never Full Tote (retail price: $700.00 USD) for only $15. Wouldn’t you be at least a bit interested in taking a peek at what he had to offer? Maybe, this analogy may help those of you who are in denial. Imagine that you are about to pass out from hunger, but at the same time you had strict orders from your doctor for a low-calorie diet—your friend then offers you a mouth-watering juicy all beef paddy Mc Donalds hamburger—you know that you should resist; but, you think to yourself, “one bite wouldn’t hurt” Now, do you catch my drift, gals? Unfortunately, I’ve always played the role as the goody girl, so never was I able to let my temptations take the better half of me—leaving me with many unanswered questions about these designer purses from Canal Street:

1) Are the police in New York ever on the lookout for these handbag merchants?
2) How good or bad are these replica designer purses?
3) How do these handbag merchants get the designer handbags in the first place?
4) Can you actually tell the difference between an authentic designer purse versus one purchased from Canal Street?

60 thoughts on “Designer Purses on Canal Street (New York)

  1. Glenda

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    • Rodney

      I’m in AZ I would love to get some purses wondering if you do COD or can you send me a product list.

  2. Glenda

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  7. pam

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  9. Vel Ritchie

    I could like to place a purse order please get back with a #

    • Haney

      Hi need a supplier in New York anyone can help.

      If a catalog or pics,will be good ,

      • ANN WHITE

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  10. Juval Martinez - Venezuela

    My purchase was made on October 26th,2012.

    • Debbie Malouf

      Hello Juval,
      I am interested in buying repica Tory Burch on internet do you know of any suppliers that I could order from.
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  11. Juval Martinez - Venezuela

    I bought some items in this store but I lost the invoice could you send me by email a copy?, the invoice was by USD.1,000.00.

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  12. Christina

    I’ve been into a coach outlet store a couple of times and most of the time I’m not impressed with the quality of the styles and C alignments although I can see that they are mostly true leather trims. My mother and I have concluded that they are coach bags that have failed QA. Which makes sense. So, I suspect that the 99.9% replica LV bags are probably still LV bags but slightly off on the seems. These bags can still be profited off of at a discount. Where do the defective LV bags go if there is no outlet store? Into a shredder? Even the fake LV (lower quality material) only helps market the LV brand. It’s very possible that no real investigation goes into this because deep down, LV actually gets a cut from the fake LV market. Or maybe it has already been found that LV is behind the fake market but are now paying lots of money just to cover it up – driving the cost of their products to go up. A vicious cycle.

  13. Sal

    Is there any way to buy them on line without going to NYC

    • TIFF

      I’m looking to purchase a large quantity of bags for resale in Texas can anybody point me in the right direction plz and thank u

  14. thomas sabo kette

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  15. Angela

    Agree with Xavier’s comment. If it makes you “sick” then you shouldn’t have bought it. Coach isn’t expensive anyways so ur dumb if you get a fake one. And Louis vuittons are expensive and beautiful. No they will never lower their prices because they are a DESIGNER. All these comments are ridiculous. If you don’t know the first thing about fashion or designers please don’t put a comment out there for everyone to read. You sound like a fool. And you can tell the difference between fake and real bags if you know what to look for.

  16. xavier

    I love this knock off crap stop whining JUDYROO u shouldnt have bought it then noone wants to ehart about ur terrible experince i felt sick reading ur letter ur a fool

  17. laurel

    the bags are very good quality and look real. my friends sister got a fake louis vitton and i swore it was real. they not only have bags they also have jewlerey etc… my friend got chanel earrins a tiffany charm braclet and a tiffany neclace that all look real. i love canal street!

  18. JJ

    Went to NYC for Aug 2, 2011 and the cops and agents had the vendors scared poopless. I had never shopped on canal street as this was my first trip I did a lot of research and new what to look for. I went in a few shops with my daughter who’s 16th bday it was and when they asked if I liked what I saw I said “hmm, no we were looking for coach” A few shop owners told us to leave immediately and mumbled under their breath. Finally we found one that took an interest and spoke in chinese to the owner outside the store who came in looking over his shoulder a hundred times. He pulled out an IPAD with a catalog of purses, this one brown and black, this one brown only, so on. She picked one and he said $80. I was not happy and tried to get him down on price but he said they arrested 30 vendors yesterday and it’s a hard business right now. He asked if we were police and I showed him my drivers license. I had to give him $20 and come back in 10 minutes. Ok, I did it was her bday and this is what she wanted. He came back and gave it to us in a black garbage bag. LOL not very inconspicuous. Told us to leave, not tell anyone and not come back today. About 5 minutes later I bought a purse that was cute in a shop with a matching wallet and on the way out a man from the shadows came out and shoved a card in my hand with pictures on it. Told me to “look at it over there away from me”. I sent my daughter away with her black garbage bag and told her I would catch up to her at ***** location. I said this is cute and he said “that is LV shopper tote, very popular I will get it for you”. He wanted $60 and I told him I don’t have the money and went to walk away. He followed me and said how much do you have and I pulled out 2 $20’s and he grabbed the money and shoved the black garbage bag into my chest and took off. I was shocked and nervous. I proceeded down the road to meet daughter and I could have had a bag of newspaper for all I knew. But it was a beautiful never full LV and it was sealed in fabric cover and all the leather had fabric covers on them and it had a wallet purse included and dust cover.

    I don’t care if it is real as I am not a label person anyway. It is beautifully crafted, stitched amazingly and looks exactly like the ones I saw in Macy’s a few minutes later. I was really shocked. I would NEVER buy a $1700 bag. It would never happen. I feel I got a beautiful tote for a fair price. My daughters coach bag was not the best deal in chinatown but it is so well crafted. We put it next to my other daughters real ones and you cannot tell the difference in quality. But there is no stamped ID number on the label inside. I figure this purse was taken out of factory before it got to the serial number machine.

    I don’t care if it is real. I would bet it is made from same material, same design and same workers as the real ones. I do of course hope all products are made humanely and safely by people who are treated well and with respect. But that goes for all products I buy not just a purse on Canal street.

  19. Star

    I went on a NYC 3 day bus tour and met many people who go there just to shop on canal street. I was told that many of the “knock offs” that look 100% real, are 100%real!! The reason they are called knock offs and illegal is because the factory workers, where the bags are manufactured, are staying in the factory after hours, making extra bags illegally and selling them on the black market. So next time you see a “knock off” that looks exactly like the real deal, it probably is.

  20. Claudia

    I saw on the View, Joy said when she first met Barbara Walters she was in awe of the handbags she carried. When she got to know her better she fianlly said jokingly “you must spend millions on your handbgs” She was very impressed when Barbara said back “are you crazy, I go to Canal street just like everyone else!”

  21. Crystal Balangatan

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  22. Sandra

    I love replica bagss beacuse payinng that much money for a real one is a waste!

  23. Native New Yorker

    Are you people serious, actually caring about why NYPD doesn’t enforce the law on Canal Street? Jay walking? Our city has real crime…like murder, armed robbery, drugs…..sorry our police take a blind eye to knock off bags..lmao. maybe if we lived in a one horse town like most of the torist who visit NYC the NYPD would have the time to tinker around and waist tax paying money looking out for the next “Jay Walker”! If you don’t like what you see…don’t look…as a matter of fact…stay in yiur own damn city and complain about nothing important!!!!

  24. *M*

    Hey J,

    Did you buy monogram canvas, damier canvas or damier azur and how much is costs?
    How about quality?

  25. Mirta Dokken

    I enjoy my messenger bag. It’s canvas and it makes me look like Jack Bauer :). Not really except that it gives that hip look at the same time I could look professional.

  26. J

    Got a LV Neverfull on Canal Street a couple of weeks ago. If you bring pics of what you want they will find it.

  27. jen

    Yes. I am pretty sure that they have that style there.

    If not, just ask for it and they will locate one for you.

    You might consider bringing a picture of the bag to show it to them.

  28. *M*

    I would like to buy LV neverfull azur purse from NY. Do you think that i can find it from the Canal Street?

  29. Gordon Heinen

    you’ve got a great personality.

  30. tyrbra

    Went on Canal Street, vendors are not the same, have shopping, but NOT good, everybody have the same things, no good knock-off’s like a couple of years ago. Oh Well, the cops scared them from that spot, they will pop up somewhere else…and continue…I purchased a real LV a few years ago $1700 plus tax, I purchased a LV and from canal street identicle for $30 no tax, there is NO difference and I looked them both over under a huge magnifying glass, NOOOO difference, so will I pay $1700 again for a bag, who knows, I showed both items to some of my high class Holloywood folks who only will pay designer prices and they couldn’t tell the difference, some was shocked, some said it’s the principal, I asked what if LV was purchasing on Canal St. for $30 and selling to us for $1700, are we getting the same principal/quality??? They sat back with a HMMMM on their minds…I’m not saying this is what LV is doing, but the thought that everyone want the fast $$$$, why not if they can get away with it. They really need to come up with something different so we the real purchaser bags can stand out from the Knock off’s,

  31. kyle

    the quality of the fakes depend on how much you pay, i bought a pair of fake raybans for 20$, regretted it when my friend told me he got his for 5, here we are 2 and a half years later… i still have mine, he threw his out within 2 months

  32. Ashlyn Wirsing

    Where have I been? I just found your site on Google. Good article! I appreciate you taking the energy to share this.

  33. Stephen

    Hi There, Very impressive content.

  34. Joe Nadasky

    Things have changed a lot the handbag alley of Canal Street. All week I see cops everywhere arresting and even chasing these chinese and african looking guys with the bags. I saw cops tackle and arrest two guys with a hefty bag of stuff!! Very cool… Like TV…These cops are scary. All they do is look at the sellers and they run. they scared me off too. I wouldnt dare buy anything that would get me in trouble.

  35. DJM

    I live in WIsconsin and am looking for the Replica Handbags without traveling to New York or ordering from China, Any ideas?? Thank you

  36. Melodie

    I don’t feel sick of replica handbag…well, actually I bought me one a week ago. It’s really high quality! Real cowhide leather! Just out of my expectation…lol..

  37. msdj


  38. Kimmie

    Jenny, where is your website?

  39. jen

    Response to Jenny:

    Your response is definitely not what I expected to hear; however, I admire your honesty.

  40. jen

    Response to Adri:

    Even though I love the beautiful designer bags from Louis Vuitton, I must admit they are truly over priced. Your logic about LV cracking down on the fakes being a waste of money makes sense. You go girl!

    • derek damron

      if you wholesale handbags would u please email me some pics please

  41. Jenny

    I don’t have a problem with the sale of knockoff bags. To each his own. There are far worst things happening in New York and across the world to worry about the sale of bags. I sell bags from my website and I purchase them in NYC. It is my side hustle and I am doing very well with it. Many people enjoy carrying a Prada, Gucci or LV knockoff, and many of my friends will tell u in a minute what they paid for it- 20- 30 dollars or whatever. Get over it. Knock off bags have become the same as Hair extensions. I will see a woman with a nice weave and ask her what brand/kind of hair did you use, your hair is beautiful, and I have been asked the same many times. Get over it and on to more important issues.

    • Lucy

      Hi Jenny what is the name of your website? Thanks in advance Lucy

    • James Parsons

      Good Morning Jenny I wanted to consult you on your bags, I reside in Panama City Panama and this is huge down here but they do not last do you ship overseas as well and if you do could you please send me some pics and prices,



    • Linda

      Would you please send me your website address? Thank you.

  42. Adri

    Ok, so what I don’t get is that the designers (Lv and Prada) spend all of their money trying to crack those who counterfeit…but what about them. In some ways they are the real crooks, selling vinyl and plastic bags for thousands of dollars.SMH. If LV can put out hundreds of people to work for them and investigate the couterieters, then they are burning money. The people who purchase these fakes are usually not going to buy the real thing anyway. And for those people who feel shame about the bags being made in sweet shops, look around you. The shirt you probaly have on was made in one too.

  43. jen


    Special thanks for your post. It is obvious that you put aside some of your valuable time to help educate our viewers about designer handbags from Canal Street.

    Your knowledge about these vendors and the police squad of New York City is not only vast, but also valuable. Thank you again for your devotion to our blog. Our blog is forever grateful for people like yourself–honest, sincere, and resourceful.

  44. Marti

    It would take too long to answer the question about how the merchants get the designer bags except to say that the counterfeit industry is HUGE. It is International and very, very lucrative. There are so many levels of people involved that most people would be amazed at how much money the people at the very top make. The sellers on Canal Street or other street vendors are the VERY bottom of a long, long totem pole.

  45. Marti

    Some replicas are good, some are bad, some are in between. Depends on the vendor that is selling the bags. Some are so good that if you take the bag to be examined by the designer’s salespeople, they often can’t tell the difference! Most times the quality of the bags are worth the price you pay for them which can range anywhere from $10 to $150 range.

    I am from NYC and I am also a ‘bagnista’ so this is my territory. I have seen MANY of these bags up close and personal and for the most part if you know designer bags you can tell the difference. Most people who don’t know designer bags won’t know the difference. As for me, when I buy a bag from a street vendor it’s usually a generic brand that is beautiful, great quality and costs next to nothing ($5-$25). I get more compliments from no-name bags I buy from street vendors than some real designer bags I own. I do have a couple of designer knockoffs that people mistake for the real thing but I don’t carry them very often. It’s not because I’m uncomfortable carrying them, but because I own soooo many bags I like to carry a different bag every few days.

    • Benjamin Hudson

      Do you have any contact information to any of those vendors I would love it if you could share that information with me. Thanks in Advance!!!!!!

  46. Marti

    The police in NYC do not have the manpower to police all these vendors. They are all over the City not just Canal Street. If a street vendor is licensed they generally leave them alone for the most part. If they are random vendors that move from place to place and cover the merchandise when police are around, the police will either give them a summons, tell them to move on or (on a very rare occasion), confiscate the merchandise. There are periodic raids on Canal Street but they are a result of long, time-consuming undercover investigations. When they do happen they are huge, usually making local news and newspapers because of the sheer quantity of counterfeit merchandise involved. Sometimes the investigations are a result of the designers (like LV or Prada) making a stink about Canal Street and other areas and demanding action taken. If you live in NYC this is such a part of the fabric of NYC life you don’t really notice.

  47. jen

    Hey Judyroo,

    Thank you for the insightful comment. Your honesty and sincerity is greatly appreciated.

    On my last trip to New York City, I also noticed that the police in New York seem to be more lenient when it came to enforcing laws. Many times I saw police letting people J-walk across intersections, sell jewelry on the street, and even as far as promoting prostitution spots. This is something I definitely am not used to—being raised in California and all…

  48. judyroo

    I bought a knock off Coach bag on a trip to New York a couple of years ago. I somehow got caught up in the whole adrenalin of the city. I actually regreted it the moment I bought it. I never actually used it and eventually threw it away because I felt sick to my stomach every time I saw it. I have a thing against knock off bags. I will never carry one. I would rather have a cheap bag than a knock off.

    My sister lives in New York and tells me that the police don’t bother much with the sellers. If the seller is being discreet the police turn a blind eye. However, the sellers who have their goods on a sheet on the curb will get busted. That’s why you often see the sellers quickly gathering up their merchandise and leaving the scene.

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