A Handbag for Animal Lovers

While I was browsing through the internet, I came across this very interesting handbag. Even though this handbag is only made from canvas, it seems as if it can be a really sturdy and useful handbag. I am sure it will receive an approval from all the animal lovers out there. The more I stared at this handbag I realized that it would make a pretty good beach bag, being that it gives off a beach mood with the tan and orange exterior and also the handles seems to be made from a braided rope material. I liked everything about this handbag up until I looked at the price tag which than made me reconsider labeling this bag as a “beach” bag. The handbag is being sold on the Hermes website and is being listed for $3,275.00, which I am sure will make everyone reconsider using this as a beach bag. I am not quite sure I approve of this handbag anymore, what do you think? Would this handbag be worth it for you?

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