Balenciaga Brick!

There are travel friendly appropriate looking bags for men, then there are the not so friendly responses to some travel bags such as: “Great beard of Zeus don’t tell me you think this is good looking!?” “Did you hit your head somewhere before you made that purchase?” “My dog’s pooper scooper has more style than your travel bag.” Ignore the last comment. Even if you slap a brand name on a bag does not mean that the bag can’t be an eyesore. The Balenciaga “Reporter S Groseille” is not only as plain as ever, but in my honest opinion the lack of style in its physical appearance makes the bag look like an old brick. There are other color options for the “Reporter S Groseille” on the Balenciaga website, less brick colored, except the mere changing of colors will not amend for the way this bag looks when in use.

Do yourself a favor and ignore this blog post altogether. I wanted to waste a bit of your time so that I could complain about expensive name-brand mishaps. Pretend you have never seen this bag in your life because for $685 there are more aerodynamic options. Unless, it’s considered a travel safety defense tip in the land of crazies to carry a brick in this brickesque bag. Ha-ha! Let me swing this bag built for a brick at pick pockets! If that is the case, then by all means, be my guest. Please don’t take any offense if I laugh at you though. So don’t be a square, ahem, rectangle! That was lame.

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