Bat Handbag – RANDOM!

Bat Shaped Rubber Handbag

I was looking for a handbag to write about this week and stumbled upon this unusual bat-looking handbag. Why would somebody even produce a handbag like this? Please do not ask me why!

This handbag sells in the United Kingdom for about 40 Euros. It’s not expensive, but who would actually pay more than that anyhow? I can’t really picture anybody wearing a silly handbag like this one. Also, no matter how hard I force myself to like the appearance of this bag, I simply just cannot get past the fact it looks so out-of-place!

Well, that’s my take on this week’s random handbag. What do you think about it?

2 thoughts on “Bat Handbag – RANDOM!

  1. awhirlygirl

    My Bat purse doesn’t seem out-of-place in my Bat ‘copter; maybe it depends on what machinery you operate..

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