Because I’m The BOSS

Be a boss, wear the BOSS, and show them all whose boss. This is my sad attempt in sounding inspirational to motivate any average Joe out there to work towards “BOSSdom.” What is BOSSdom one might ask? It’s a made up bossy sounding word from the top of my head to describe an authoritative, organized, dominant decision maker. BOSSdom is also a play on word with one of my failsafe brands Hugo BOSS. One does not become a boss by just wearing Hugo BOSS, mind you. But it can project BOSSdom from miles away.

So what struck me in the head to annoyingly incorporate “boss” in every single sentence? It was the BOSS black “Buxton 2” briefcase. Look at this authoritative leather briefcase used for organizational boss work. The only thing it is lacking to make it a BOSSdom bag is a brain to make decisions. This briefcase is giving off the projection of BOSSdom. It even has a removable BOSS laptop sleeve! That is so BOSSing. Okay, let’s not use that word again. How much does looking like a boss cost? It’s only $395.00 at Bloomingdales.

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