Gucci Tote Bags with a Scarf!

Tote Bags from Gucci

I’ve been super busy these past days, so please forgive me for not posting last week. Luck for you guys, I will post twice this week just to make up for my irresponsibility. How does that sound? Are we all on good terms now? Well, let’s begin talking about this particular tote bag from Gucci.

Tote bags are meant to be inexpensive; however, a tote bag with a Gucci logo is a different story. The retail price on this bad boy is $1,200.00 USD. Ouch, you got to love it though, for the bag is simply beautiful. If you shop around online, you may be able to find this bag for a bit cheaper; however, make sure that you buy a real one and not a replica version. Now, let’s talk more about the details of this Gucci tote bag.

The Tote Bag comes with detachable shoulder straps. Why? Unfortunately, I don’t have a good answer to that question. As you can see, the tote bag is decorated with a pretty scarf (purely aesthetics). The interior contains a pouch for a cell phone as well as another pocket for small accessories. The inside is pretty spacious for a designer tote bag. The outer dimensions of the bag are L16.1” x W5.1” x H11.8.” I think this bag would be a better value if it came in a larger size with the same price tag. So, what do I rate this Gucci Tote Bag?

Jen gives this Tote Bag a 8.3 out of 10!

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