Are Harajuku Lovers Still Popular?

Harajuku Lovers Tote

Well, I keep on hearing about these Harajuku Lovers… It seems like it’s one of the latest fashion crazes from Japan. It’s almost like a new version of the rock punk girl look. The Harajuku Lovers handbag line was developed by the singer, Gwen Stefani. She is now known as both a singer and a fashion designer. Anyhow, more about the bag…

This Harajuku Lovers handbag is a cotton canvas tote with Madras trim. It has double shoulder straps, front zipper pocket, two interior zipper pockets, and one interior pouch pocket. The measurements of the bag are 12”W x 14”H x 6.5”D with a drop length of 7.5”. Retail price for this tote is $98 at Bloomingdales.

The bag is a simple light-weight tote that is convenient for everyday casual use. I have a feeling that this trend for Harajuku is slowly reaching its pinnacle. See you later!

One thought on “Are Harajuku Lovers Still Popular?

  1. Joys

    I am a big fan of Harajuku Lovers and surely will remain!

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