Jennifer Lopez Spotted with Stella McCartney Tote

Stella Mccartney City Chain Tote

This tote from Stella McCartney is quite the attention grabber. Not only has Jennifer Lopez been spotted wearing this handbag, Rihanna, a world renown R&B artist, has also been spotted wearing the same handbag from Stella McCartney.

The tote is not too shabby. It has silver metal trimming along the edges of the handbag along with a metal chain for the straps. I feel that the shiny silver metal contrasts well with the dark black leather on these handbags. This contrasting setup is similar to Chanel’s classic black and silver chained purses. If you can’t beat them, why not join them, right?

Good decision making on Stella McCartney’s new line.

2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Spotted with Stella McCartney Tote

  1. Gary Hanks

    JLo is the greatest and her life is good -and having a new baby in her life of love ,is a good additive for her and her husband….

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