Jump From Paper 2D or 3D Handbags?

Have you ever seen something like this before? This is the coolest thing ever!

This line of handbags was created by two Taiwanese designers, Chay Su and Rika Lin. These two girls made a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration come to life as a real bag. They called their creation JumpFromPaper™.

JumpFromPaper™ uses cartoon-like outlines and happy colors to make their line more interesting and fun. Even though these bags look slim, these bags have a roomy interior.

What do you think of these handbags? I’m simply in love with them.

3 thoughts on “Jump From Paper 2D or 3D Handbags?

  1. jen

    I found a store in Venice, CA. I forget the name though.

    I’ll try my best to find it for you guys!


  2. Naama

    I would like to bye that bag were did you bye it??????

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