Marilyn (Vuitton) Monroe

Louis Vuitton Marilyn Handbag

Take a look at this beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag. I believe it is called the Multi-color Marilyn.

I’ve seen it before in many different colors, but never before have I seen it with this color scheme. It really looks hot and different! Next, I will be telling you gals about my take on this Marilyn purse from Louis Vuitton.

I am in love with the metal hardware on this purse; especially the decorative balls which line the contours of the trimming. I also am digging the textured red leather trim on this bag. Louis Vuitton was very smart to use this type of leather. It gives the bag an elegant touch. Now, for what I dislike about this bag.

Though the chain linked handles are probably the highlight of this bag, I really do not like them at all. It reminds me of a chain link that you find on swings at your neighborhood public park. But, everything else about the bag is pretty decent.

Overall, I rank this bag 6.8 out of 10. It is better than average, but nothing more than that!

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