Oversized Clutches


I have always been a fan of the clutch- small, elegant, and convenient. So it surprised me that oversize clutches are now suddenly the “in” thing. And when I say oversize, I mean OVERSIZED! I felt like it was bigger than my body!

I actually ordered a clutch online. It was simply described as “Ruched Clutch”. It looked cute on the website and careless of me, I didn’t take notice of the dimensions as I purchased it. I was thinking it’s a clutch…it looks a bit bigger, but nonetheless a clutch.

One week later…when it arrived. I was stunned. I took it out and couldn’t believe it. The clutch I ordered was bigger than the handbag I use now….I was speechless. I tried to see if I could use it…I just couldn’t do it. It was inconvenient, bulky, and just got in my way. I had to return it.

As I look around now, I guess it is the “in” thing, but definitely not for me. Sometimes designers shouldn’t improve on things that are already fabulous. I still like to see clutches as small, elegant, and classy, but it seems like they like to be more in your face. This style is definitely not for me.

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