Reed Krakoff Leather Hobo

In my experience, finding the ideal hobo bag has proven harder than one would expect. Personally, I believe that a hobo bag must have the right amount of slouch to it. Hobo bags that have too much slouch to them tend to look sloppy and, overall, unsophisticated. However, hobo bags that don’t have much slouch to them probably fail to qualify as a hobo bag. Where might all this slouchy talk lead to, you might ask? Well, I happened to chance upon the Reed Krakoff Standard Hobo II that just might pass the “Hobo Test.” It has a slouch to it while still maintaining its structure. I also like that it has a short strap as well as a longer strap which allows you to switch things up a bit. You can purchase this bag for $1090.00 on

One thought on “Reed Krakoff Leather Hobo

  1. Deloris

    This just happens to be one of the bags I have on my “must have” list! I have been eyeing the reed krakoff collection of handbags for about a year now, and i’ve decided that this is the one! it has the right amount of space, i love the handle transition option, the way it countours to the body of the carrier. I just love it! i don’t say that about a lot of bags, but reed krakoff has a hit with this one.

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