Valentino Art

Valentino Fleurs Couture Tote

Valentino bags are so unique that they give me select interests. I respect the designers and makers because of their intricate designs, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to carry all of their bags. Most Valentino bags these days have flower designs that are beautifully designed and beautifully made. Take for example, the new Fleurs Couture Tote from Valentino’s Spring 2010 collection pictured above. I think this bag is gorgeous, but only for display. I like the eye popping colors of the red, pink and yellow off the surrounding black and gray flowers in the black background. This tote including all the flowers is all leather which amazes me. Their detailed artistry made these pieces of leather look like real flowers and the colors really bring out the texture of the bag. It is so beautiful, it’s a work of art—I would rather just look at it then carry it. With this kind of craftsmanship, one can expect it to be pricey. Pre-order it at Nordstrom for $2690.

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