Handbag Weighing You Down?

Heavy Purse

Purses and handbags have become essential in our society of overpopulated women. A typical modern purse today holds AT LEAST a wallet (or two), keys and cell phone.  Then for the kicks of it, we throw in a small cosmetic bag, some pepper spray, a digital camera, a planner, a few pens, a coin purse, and last but not least our favorite scented lotion.

Luckily, all women were created differently—some choose to carry fewer items in their bags while others choose to lug an elephant in their purses. Unfortunately, many of the items in our handbags should be categorized as extras rather than necessities. It is true that a woman can possibly get rid of her curling iron and save approximately 3 pounds of unnecessary weight. However, I guess one’s curls may get untangled. The thing that women tend to forget is that big purses already consist of a hefty weight.

It’s been said that women should not carry any more than 10% of her body weight on her shoulder. For those of us who carry laptops, it is very easy to go over that ten percent. Our modern technology is improving by the day, for ladies are able to save some weight by using their Motorola RAZR and pocket Sony Cybershot digital camera. Handbags these days have become larger and more decorative (consisting of heavy chains and hardware). However, carrying too much weight on one’s shoulder or on one’s back may have its consequences.

Carrying heavy bags may lead to neck spasms, shoulder damage, lower back pain, and at times can lead to scoliosis. Though one may not be able to notice these symptoms instantaneously, one’s mood may be affected by this type of discomfort and pain.  So women out there, I hope that this little write-up will remind us ladies to clean out purses or bags every once in a while.

*Future shopping tip: Next time when shopping for a purse, try choosing a bag with wider straps and make sure the bag does not hang too low (exceeding below one’s belly button).

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