Bahama Worthy Fedora

I was avoiding the intense sun while emitting immense jealousy towards my friend, and his boat when I realized what I was missing (besides the boat). It began with this mental checklist: slim leather wallet – Check, cell phone – Check, styling sunglasses – Check, ridiculously overpriced watch – Check, my handsome self – Triple Check! Besides the sunglasses protecting me from the sun I had nothing else, but the cabin of the boat. What was missing? A friggin’ hat! Duh! How could anyone who avoids the sun forget to buy a hat?! My stupidity is not amazing, but amusing.

After turning red in the face with an embarrassing sunshade tan I rushed home to search for a decent hat. I wanted a hat that will provide enough shade without the look of a women’s floppy beach hat. Another requirement for this nonexistent hat was that it needed to scream, “This guy is on vacation!” Low and behold my friends, the Tommy Bahama “Fedora with Striped Trim.” Who else does summer better than Tommy Bahama? The brim of the hat provides enough shade at 1.75”. This would be a great $98.00 investment for the next trip on that blasted boat. *SHAKES FIST*

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