Croc Skin is to Die For!!

YSL Croc Bag

Tell me if this sounds weird.  I hate snake skin but love crocodile skin.  Now I’m no animal hunter and am against animal cruelty, but let’s just keep the thought of skinning animals aside.  Ew, gross.  But I can’t seem to figure out why I love the look of croc skin handbags so much.  Personally, I have a croc skin bag AND croc skin shoes, but honestly….they’re both fake skin. And let’s keep that on the down-low.  The best is patent croc skin.  I don’t like the non patent leather ones as much, as some croc skin gets a little too rough and bumpy.  I like the patterned look of the skin, not so much of the texture.  So why don’t I like snake skin?  First off, snakes are one of my phobias.  Get me as far away from snakes at all times.  Secondly, I’m way too scared to touch a snake.  Their skin is presumably rough, yet soft since they don’t have the hard skin that crocodiles have.  I mean the thought of me touching a snake while it’s moving so you can feel its muscles swerving through the skin just grosses me out.  If you like snake skin, then kudos to you, but it’s just not my thing.

So why patent croc skin? For one thing, patent croc skin is so much more interesting than just a plain patent leather.  Not only is it shiny and patterned, but it also looks more elegant.  If I had all the money in the world, I’d buy not just croc skin bags and shoes, but even a watch with croc skin leather belt.  Am I obsessed?

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