Light-weight Handbags Versus Heavy Handbags

Us women always never have enough to put in our handbags. But yet, we still have the courage to complain about how heavy are handbags are. This informative little post may help those choose a lighter handbag alternative.

Nylon Microfiber from Prada:
Prada Backpack

This is a woman’s best bet for lightweight efficiency. Not only are these bags easy to maintain, they are extremely light weight and thin.

Lambskin Leather from Rioni:
Rioni Flutter Handbag

These bags are an alternative for those ladies who dislike the cheap look of Prada’s nylon microfiber. Italian lambskin leather is both soft and light weight. Its texture is also very classy and appealing to the eye.

Italian Pebbled Leather from Hermes:
Hermes Birkin Handbag

Bags with this type of leather is a bit on the heavy side. Many handbag companies like Hermes use this type of leather, for it allows designers the ability to style and shape handbags in a variety of forms.

Designer Canvas from Louis Vuitton:
Louis Vuitton Manhattan Handbag

Louis Vuitton makes great bags, but sometimes they can get to be a bit on the heavy side. The benefit of designer canvas is that it can be easy to maintain and clean.

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