Horoscope My Bag

We read our horoscope every to tell us what we can look forward to. Some of us believe it, while others read it just for fun. Now we can carry a bag named after our horoscope. Do these bags reflect the true traits and qualities of each sign? You be the judge.

Q: Who’s the Designer?

A: Donna Karan

Q: What’s so special about them?

A: They may not be considered the “In” thing right now but the intention of the designer was to make a bag that popped and had a long life.

Q: What are they made of?

A: Most of them are made of crocodile, ostrich, lambskin, or shearling.

Q: Do they reflect personality?

A: The intention is to reflect different personalities as well as being a very functional bag.

Q: What is the best thing about these zodiac bags?

A: The bags have strong but also supple skins that are made to look better over time.

Q: How much is this bag going to cost me?

A: They range from $1,395 to $18,000 USD.

You better start saving if you’re a Leo because the Leo crocodile satchel is the one that will cost you $18,000.

One thought on “Horoscope My Bag

  1. AW

    Zodiac bags from $1,395 to $18,000 for something not too original. The bags look like designer Mary Rambin’s Moë C.L.I.C.K line. The Moë bags range from $150 to $190.

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