Louis Vuitton Made in USA?

Louis Vuitton Made in France

Having owned several Louis Vuitton handbags, I never realized where my handbags were made. Just today, I took a look at my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in the Damier canvas and noticed that it was made in USA. This was quite shocking for me, so I quickly looked for my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 and was astonished to see that it was also mae in USA. I had one more Louis Vuitton handbag to examine before I could make any rash assumptions, so I went digging for my Louis Vuitton Popincourt Haut. With great dismay, it was also made in USA. What is going on here?

I know that Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Ferragamo are all made in Italy. Wait a minute, or are they? I’m no longer too sure of this fact. I thought one of the primary reasons why Louis Vuitton was so pricey was because they were made in Paris. Now that I know that my bag was made in the USA, this makes me feel that my bag is not much different from an ordinary inexpensive Dooney & Bourke or Coach handbag.

After doing some more research, I found out that Louis Vuitton has factories in USA, Spain, and France. I hope this blog post was informative and eye-opening for y’all. Let me know if any of you know where other designers make their merchandise.

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  1. Antonio Goldsmith

    you all do wholesale if you do you all have a wholesale Catalog you can send me

  2. Selina

    Hello. I purchased a monogram totally GM purse and it is made in the USA. I noticed that underneath the bag the LV logo is sown into the stitching and I was told that LV never truncates their logo. Is that always true? The purse appears to be authentic as there is a date code of SD0182 and the lady I bought this from locally sent me pictures of when she bought the purse with her husband and child at the Soho in Manhattan. They gave them champagne to drink upon purchasing and she had the bag on her shoulder. I am a little nervous about the purse as this is my first LV.

    • Charlotte

      I have a speedy that I noticed the same thing. Made in USA. I took it to the Scottsdale LV store for a repair and it was real.

    • Suzanne Devlin

      There’s been a Louis Vuitton plant in San Dimas, Calif. for years and years. Twenty years ago my girlfriend who lives in Newport Beach first told me this and I didn’t believe her so I called Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island in Newport Beach and they assured me that it was true. Funny because it turns out that this plant is about a quarter of a mile where I grew up in San Dimas. San Dimas is a lovely town about 20 miles east of Pasadena and 40 miles or so east of Los Angeles. Google it. It’s true, LV’s are made in the USA. Not all styles.

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  4. Tammy

    I’m sorry guys, I meant HS0134

  5. Tammy

    Hi…. I just bought the speedy 35 damier and I found the code HS1034. Can some one tell me what’s it mean?

  6. janet

    Hi, I have many lvs and I love them all I have noticed on the newer one that the threads on the base of the handles are coming loose is anyone else having this happen?also does anyone know where I can get a replacement key for my speedy? tks I really enjoyed all the comments and hope to become a regualar reader.

  7. Lisa K. Crosato

    My husband bought a limited edition LV clutch for me from the LV store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles and it says Made in Italy. Never even noticed until today and I’ve had it for two years.

  8. GT

    It’s hard to imagine a luxury brand such as LV putting their name on a product that would lessen their brand. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind.
    The second thing that comes to my mind is how very sad it is that someone would think that a product made in this country (U.S.A.) would be inferior. I understand all of the hype (a lot of it unfounded and inflated) surrounding a luxury brand….however at the end of the day their name is on it so ultimately if the product is not of quality it’s really on LV’s shoulders, not the American workers.
    Times have certainly changed since the beginnings of this wonderful brand but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still produce a high quality product.

  9. John

    Your rediculius. American quality has been the highest since before the 20s. My girlfriend insists in buying Gucci and coach and all these high priced bags, I look each and every one of these bags over and almost none of them are European but asain. But that’s good quality right? I am now going to buy her Louis because its made in America and has American ingenuity in it. Further more, 9/10 products manufactured in the us is lifetime garunteed because of the quality. I wouldn’t doubt if this bag was lifetimed just like ll bean does with their merchandise. It’s people like you that kill our economy. THANX.

    • Grace

      Very much agree! Made in USA products are very good in quality!

  10. Mary

    my bf bought me a neverfull mm bag and to what ive read about it, it seems authentic. the only problem is that it states it was made in France but the code is SA1193 which means made in Itlay. I have read different things about this but will like to hear from you.

    many tthanks

    • jen

      Make sure the quality is good. Sometimes the good fakes are just as close to the real ones. The neverfull mm tote is not hard to replicate, for it is a simple design.

      Best wishes,

    • MarA

      Same here. Except I was the one that bought it off a website. She even gave me 7 days to return if I wasn’t happy with it. The seller had great reviews. I also read that SA can also stand for France. When I received it, I was certain it was authentic. I went on Youtube and other purse blogs and honestly, it seems authentic to me. I live far from the nearest LV store to take it to a Sales Associate. However, I need to know for sure. From now on, I will only be purchasing at LV store or their website. 🙂

    • Dee

      SA can be either France or Italy. Your bag was made 19th week of 2013.

  11. Mary

    Question; What does AB 0039 mean on a Louis Vittion speedy

      • Millie

        What does the date code SD 3162 mean on a Speedy 35

        • JASMINE

          means that the bag is made in USA manufactured on the 36th week of 2012
          you should find another tag that reads ‘made in USA of imported materials.

          • Crystal

            Hi jasmine….so if it says made in USA of imported materials does that mean it’s fake or authentic.??

          • Troy

            Do all toiletry bags have a serial number in them ?

        • Jayme

          USA made on the 36th week of 2012.

  12. Halley

    The more “popular” bags which I call the cheaper bags you will find that they are made in the USA, mostly speedys, neverfulls, and other cheaper LV’s, get a more expensive LV you can get made in France or Spain.

    • tee

      this is not true, LV sells so many products that its France companies could not keep up with mass production so they have several factories throughout the world from USA, Spain, and even Germany but all the material still comes from France. It has nothing to do with the cost of the purse. If your bag is authentic it should have a code and your code will let you know what country your bag was manufactured in and the date it was made. Dont worry LV i still one of the best brands you can get.

      • 007 LV Inspector

        Not always! Triple A réplicas somentimes look better made, than the originals. Check out JB YouTube channel and view her review of totally mm. The bag looks and feels authentic. It has a code and the vacheta leather oxidized like a real LV handbag. Ant it says made in France.

  13. Heatherann

    I just found out that Coach has not made a bag in the US for 20 years. They are made in China, that pisses me off. I will never buy another one

    • 007 LV Inspector

      It piss me off too and I stop buying them.

  14. Crystal

    Yes they are made in the USA and have been in Corona, CA for over twenty years. They also destroy unsold bags there rather then having them sold at an outlet store to keep the value high (according to a family friend who has worked there since it opened )

    • 007 LV Inspector

      No they are not! They are made in China! And Coach has outlet stores.

    • Arlene

      I agree that LV protect their highest standard for their products. I was in the lv store in champs elysees and I really wanted to buy the last Metis they have on the store but due to a little stain on the handle they won’t sell it. Any damage products they don’t sell but they burnt it according to the sales person and even them are not allowed to buy it for cheaper/ discounted price.

  15. Mike R.

    Its nice to know it’s made here. Either way someone is still laughing their way to the bank because you spent $900.00 on a bag that cost 10 bucks worth of material and labor to produce, just so you can pretend to be a snob. A fool and their money do indeed part.

    • Abbey

      Lv’s materials & labors are worth way more than 10 bucks! You’re paying for the quality, materials, & how it’s made. I was told lv has standard that everyone must meet–nobody truly makes anything by hand 100% anymore!! It takes to long. That’s what lv strives for, luxury is patient

    • akiko

      You have your right to your opinion but just like everyone else you have things you like that are expensive, it doesn’t make you a snob. Just like people who like to buy a lot of shoes. I happen to like purses, that doesn’t make me a snob, you sound like a jealous bitter person to me.

    • 007 LV Inspector

      In a way you are right I love LV handbag, brand name things but more than anything I love to obtain quality products that are not overly price.

  16. Hannah

    We should be buying bags made in the us…especially if they are as nice as the Louie’s

  17. Juanita

    I just bought my first LV Metis, it said “made in France” Honestly I, work at Ford Motor Co. In Kansas City, MO. I really believe that if we citizens of USA don’t support our economy Who will? Live, work, and keep your MONEY IN USA! I respect the fact of all hard working people all over the world but, we need to get out of DEBT!!!!!!! What is the difference as long as the quality is the same? Don’t worry B happy, and enjoy your LOUIS VUITTON MADE IN USA, HE WORKED VERY HARD FROM A VERY EARLY AGE TO EARN A NAME BRAND;)

  18. angel

    i didnt know that some of the lv’s were made in the usa – good deal, more jobs
    i did know that historically they were made in france and/or spain (cheaper labor) then shipped to france or across the world for distribution
    as for coach, i only have us patents on my bags on the silverware. other than that i registered all my bags with the card that they give to you however i havent purchased coach since 2003. i layed of purchasing designers because i have ebbs and flows of these purchases (i.e. i purchased lv, gucci and fendi all the time then took a break – hey a girl can go broke or guys kept leaving saying they couldnt afford to keep getting my kind of gifts :^))

  19. Sandra

    I had never heard of Rioni bags till this blog and comments. I did a quick search and found them.

    • 007 LV Inspector

      I love rioni!!!! They are beautiful, and very well made!

  20. Eliz

    Dont worry Kayci you got the newer bag with the cloth tag on the inside says Made in USA, Look at it this way , You got the Latest Greatest.

  21. soching

    I bought a LV made in USA and I shocked as well . I bought a pochette LV ..,

  22. bal

    the fact that lv is manufacturing in france, spain, usa, italy and germany.

  23. Jo

    Coach is NOT manufactured in the USA anymore. they are manufactured in China, along with B. Makowsky, Aigner, Tignanello, etc. Louis and Dooney are only two of a very few with US manufacturing!

    • Deloris

      I love my Dooney & Bourke bags, but I do have a couple that were “Made in Italy”

    • Neko

      Actually Coach products are assembled in China but all the pieces are made in the U.s. It’s a bit confusing.

  24. Kayci

    I just got my first LV bag. I purchased the Speedy 35. I was so excited about it until someone told me that it wasn’t real because the outside tag doesn’t have the “Made in France” or “Made in USA.” I know it’s really because I purchased it at a LV location and I have the receipt. Has anyone else noticed them leaving off the “Made in” on the outside tag. It’s starting to bother me. I worked really hard to get a real LV and I don’t want people just assuming that its a fake.

    • Hillary

      Don’t be alarmed because I nearly freaked out when I purchased two Speedy 30’s last Spring. I noticed on my Monogram Canvas one that it didn’t have the made in stamp nor my Damier Azur one but according my date codes, they were both made in the US. I was advised at the Louis Vuitton store where I purchased both handbags, that depending on where the bags are manufactured at will determine if the made in stamp will be on the product or not. It’s only the Speedy’s manufactured in the US that I have seen this issue with.

  25. Christina

    At these prices, these bags better be bullet proof. We should see headlines like, “LV purse blocked bullet. Woman with child saved!”

    Besides that, on this topic, I hope LV is helping create American jobs atleast. That’s actually even better marketing, “LV creates jobs for Americans”.

    • Jody

      Christina, I love it “NOW HIRING @ LOUIS VUITTON, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, AS LONG AS YOU CAN NAME THE TOP 5 DESIGNERS IN THE WORLD. About the bullet proof purse, every woman in america would buy one. Even the men!!! That would bring crime to a whole new level.

  26. Ellery

    I still use my Jack Georges bag that I carried my text books around in when I was at university two decades ago. And I wouldn’t trade a single pair of my Allen-Edmonds for Gucci loafers if you gave me all the money in the world. Gucci shoes are just plain tacky: more often than not they look like they were salvaged from a gaudy, overpriced purse that was found as roadkill on the freeway. Nor would I trade any of my Brooks Brothers jackets for some effeminate, Eurotrash-looking piece of Prada.

    The problems is that many American rubes, as well as the Japanese gal who commented above, have such poor taste that they cannot tell a well made product from a poorly made one, nor a tasteful one from a tasteless one. And when the ignorant and tasteless somehow come into money they don’t know what principles to base their buying decisions on other than “This is made Italy, and Italian’s are oh so much more fashionable than us, so I will buy it to show everyone how fashionable I am.”

    To be so worried about an accessory or item of clothing having been made in America places one in the same category as the following types: 1) the rich pig farmer’s wives who play the slots at the local Indian reservation’s casino while wearing her 3 karat diamond ring, 2) the famous rapper who has an obnoxiously large and horrifically decorated mansion and a disturbing amount of bling, and 3) the vapid girl who lives to shop on Rodeo Drive.

    It is unfortunate when clueless people acquire money but fail to acquire any taste or common sense. They end up just doing the nouveau riche thing and buying the most expensive junk you can find to try to impress others. It’s like the guy who has the money and the psychological/anatomical need to drive a 550hp Italian supercar which gets 7 miles per gallon. He want to impress everyone, but you know what everyone really thinks about that wanker

  27. lisa

    Did you also know your BMW could have been made in the USA? Yes, BMW has a manufacturing plant in North Carolina they import the parts and put it together in the good ol USA! Just like LV If you also notice it says made in USA of imported materials. I love the fact its made here we need more products made here!

  28. Lois

    I too was very disappointed to find out D&B was made in China.. I really like their bags, however, I will not be purchasing any others. We need to support our American Industry as others support theirs. I like what someone said earlier in the thread..if I want China made products, which I don’t.. I’ll go to Walmart.. Gucci and LV are expense.. but I’m sure there are other bags made in the USA.. I’ll search and purchase those..

  29. Nikki

    I purchased my first (not the last) Rioni this weekend in Laughlin Nevada at the high end boutique at the Harra’s Casino – It was my birthday trip and finding this gem of a bag was the icing on my cake. I showed my husband a LV and then he looked at my new Rioni and agreed there is so much more detail and style – we agree Rioni is a better value with as much or more designer flare! I also bought a new matching wallet – absolutely love Rioni!!!!

  30. jen

    It seems like many don’t mind where it’s made. The fact that it is a Louis is good enough.

    – Jen

    • Kimi K

      I do not want an LV made in China. Products made in China, whether it be purses or clothing fall apart within a year or two. I agree with a previous post, why pay $900-3,000 for something that costs $10 to make. If I am paying a lot of money, I demand quality!!

  31. RealzOdette

    To be honest, I was so disappointed when I first got a first Made in USA speedy since I’ve owned a number of LV purses which were made in either France or Spain. Though I knew it was 100% real, I couldn’t help feeling that way. It took me a couple weeks to finally get over it. It possesses the same quality as, and looks just identical to, those were made in France and Spain. Last month, I bought the Westminster GM and, again, it was Made in USA. The SA at LV knew I’m kinda sensitive to where my LV comes from so she apologized to me. She was surprised when I told her “fuck it. I don’t really care if it’s a Made in USA one anymore, as long as it’s real.” LOL. 🙂

  32. Sandra K

    I stumbled upon this page when trying to verify the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton bag I saw online.
    For the record, m new Gucci was made in Italy.

    I switched from LV to Gucci after I had tried to buy a certain bag for a few months and could never locate it in the print I wanted. Canvas vs leather? The people at Gucci were fun and friendly…and my leather bag cost not too much more than the LV canvas sold at the store next door.

  33. Jaime Melita

    This blog was so helpful to me! I buy and sell my LV bags on ebay and when I got a Damier bucket saying made in USA it scared me, because I just resold it and bought the Moca Takashi Murakami actually if anyoneis looking for nice Louis Vuittons New you can find them on yardseller.com. I get really good deals on my bags. I bought 4 in the last month and I’m reselling 3. Only that one was made in the US though the rest were France.

  34. evlynne householder

    I just discovered Rioni and I am hooked. Isimply can not afford LV and although I bought fakes I didn’t feel good about it although my fakes were damn good. At this point I have a LV french purse and a dome handbag( fakes) enter Rioni which found on ebay ( I needed a wallet) I took a chance got it for a great price. Ordered a catalog and for the price of a fake LV I can a get new Rioni made in Italy. I’m good with that. I have recently turned on 2 coworkers to Rioni and when they saw my wallet ( button signature brown) they loved it.
    I am getting a luxury tote next. so what to do with my remaining LV fakes? the handbag I’ve used maybe 3 times so it in great shape the wallet is lovingly worn and I will more than likely keep that one. Rioni Rocks!!!!

  35. keith

    concerning louis vuitton the company is owned in whole by its parent lvmh to research type LVMH in your browser will take you to the web site having purchased LV for over 20 years heres the straight Skinny French made vuitton has no buttons with lv engraved their zippers are made by talon or another american company if you lv has lv in brass any where its us or spansh or italian the us manufacturer for lv is located in calif. and lvs marketing agency lv what ever decides what inventory goes where any french made lv can only be bought in france period i have vintage pieces over 20 yrs old that were not made in france but another country all lvs made after 1999 and purchased in the us are made in us honestly folks lv is crap and I suspect its also made in china I actually prefer rioni over vuitton and although I dont use any of it being a guy i have bought my wife lots of purses bags luggage etc and i think lv rips all of us off

  36. Gabby

    Hi everyone, I’ve been a fan of Louis Vuitton for as long as I can remember. The fact that LV is manufacturing in the USA and in Spain does not devalue the bag any less than the one’s made in France when reselling. If you think this way, it’s pure ignorance. LV does have 11 manufacturing plants in France 2 in Spain and 1 in the USA. Be proud of your Louis no matter where it’s made as long as it is authentic.

  37. alexandra

    i just bought my tivoli made in the USA today from northbrook court neiman in illinois. as long as i have th receipt and i bought it from LV store… i could care less.

  38. Ilovedmb

    I live in the Boston area and bought my LV last year. It is made in france . I think it’s false to say that most of the bags are made in the USA.

  39. designerchick

    Most of the cheaper bags are made in the USA, therefore spend a little more and get made in France. This is not always true in some cases. These people were trained to make the handbags as everyone else so as long as the quality is the same, I really could care less and plus, I love my country and would spend any amount to keep us going!

  40. linda

    I found this site because I was just looking at an ad on the msn home page and louis v. purses for 199 made in China what the heck ? I also thought they were made in France. China come on …

  41. gimbee

    hi ! I just read all your comment regarding the lv made in USA .I was afraid that i had a fake LV speedy 30 ,since I did not notice that the bag that i purchased was made in USA .Thanks guys for making me worry free about my bag.

  42. Miyuki

    If you get Lois Vuitton in anywhere in U.S.you get it made in U.S.A.
    I have been fan of them for 30 years…and I found about this 5 years ago.
    I heard one of their factory is in Georgia.but I am not sure.
    Since then I get Lois Vuitton in Japan,but still some of are made in Spain,too.
    I hope they all made in France.
    Their such a traditional company,they should keep their identity.
    I know all coach are made in China.
    So I am not interested to get it.
    It is shame…they all beautiful bags…

  43. Cheryl

    Hi Norma Ginger, when the Louis Vuitton bags say made in the USA, is it written USA OR
    U.S.A. I am just wanting to know if they added a period after each letter. Thanks for your time.

  44. Danno

    One way to think of it is this… If you were in the business of making knock off french/italian bags you sure as heck aren’t going to mark it as a U.S. product and instead will stamp “made in France/Italy” on it because that’s what’s expected. So maybe the “made in USA” stamp should be seen as a credible clue to the bags authenticity.

  45. bre

    Thannnxxxx alot because ii paidd 850 for my LV bagg and my boyfriend pointed out it saidd made in usa i was soo mad that i started researchinn n i stumbeld apon this thanx alot

  46. Kferra

    saw my first Rioni bag this weekend. It was so much like the LV bags that are my downfall. Can anyone tell me where Rioni’s are made?

    • Jan Jolly

      All handbags and wallets (regardless of brand) have a small tag inside stating materials and or manufactured location.

  47. kote

    Hola tengo una duda la etiqueta debe decir USA O EE.UU? ya que he visto una que dicen que es original y realmente lo parece pero dice USA… si alguien me puede ayudar lo agradeceria porque yo tengo una que dice Spain y es original pero USA? no lo tengo claro.

  48. Norma Ginger

    Yes some Louis Vuitton Handbags are made in the U.S.A. Their is a U.S. Mfg. plant in So Cal. I used to work their. This plant manufactures exactly to the French mfg plant. From the examination of the leather, cutting and the putting together of the bag. This plant does not mfg every single bag as in Paris. You can look inside of your bag usually under the inside pocket and see where it was mfg.
    These bags are NOT knock-offs!

    I encourage everyone to purchases only Authentic Brand Name items as the knock offs go to illegal things like drugs and such.

    BTW: I truly enjoyed seeing how much work went into making the handbags, from start to finish. It is truly amazing and worth every dollar.

    I hope this helps.

    • Nancy Sailer

      Hi Norma Ginger, I was reading this website and saw your comment and had to ask this question as I seen you worked there. I have collected LV’s for 35 years now and still have all my original LV Speedy’s…every size ALL from and Made in France. Have updated ones and they are stamped Made in USA, except one that I recently purchased on my last trip to Bermuda, it is stamped Made in France. I have other styles that are also stamped Made in France. Last week went to LV Fifth Ave. and bought a Speedy 25-Made in USA. I prefer them to come from France so might wait to purchase others from Bermuda. My question is even though they are made in USA are they equally the same in every way? I compare the new ones i bought in USA to France and they seem to be-do they use the same materials and hardware and everything made in all the locations? I still prefer the Made in France but sometimes I can’t wait or can’t get one stamped in France? Hope you can answer this. Thank-You very much for your post too! Nancy Sailer

  49. excel

    a have a Speedy LV made in the USA w/c i bought it from a friend who has a sister working at Neiman Marcus…. one of my closes friends saw my LV and checked where it’s made…a shocking comment hits me and it goes right into my nerves…thinking “wow i was conned and my LV was fake”…

    to my curiosity, i made a research re LV’s made in the USA…. wow!!!thank God i found out that it was not “fake”..

    they have companies in the USA that manufactures original LV…..it was a priced property i have now including Gucci bags….

  50. kiwi

    Well, stigamas are often an easy cowardly way to judge people. Just because a lady with five screaming kids pull out a food stamp card from her LV doesn’t quite scream knockoff, it can mean a number of things, and who are you to judge. She can be materialistic, out of work, it could have been a gift or she may have acquired it before she had children or just plainly always want an high end handbag. so honestly to each its own.
    I don’t like knock offs, because it is harmful for the economy and illegal. I just want the real thing. I was concerned when I noticed my handbags that I purchased from the LV store had made in USA because I always wanted LV’s and knew that they came from France. It was interesting to find out what I had actually purchased from LV had became a product knowledge hunt!

  51. knowledge

    Dooney and Coach seriously – those bags are made in china, turkey and any other third world area you can find.

    Last i checked we are not a third world country

    wisen up

    knowledge is power.

    LV is not for everyone.

  52. Shellini

    Have you ever heard of Rioni? They make bags and their line is very similar to LV , but so not an LV. In some aspects I think a lot nicer. I would love it if you were able to do a review comparing the 2 bags. 🙂

  53. Jacob


    It’s not about being prideful or not. If Louis Vuitton says Made in USA or in Spain instead of France, the resale value drops. It’s the same product, but most people will rather purchase the one that says Made in France to be safe since they’re buying it from a random stranger, especially the people who don’t know much about Louis Vuitton.

  54. M.L.KNOWLES``

    I have taken the time to gather every possible piece of information regarding LV. This done to assure that I am getting the real thing. I have also learned that flaunting a brand name just because it is known to be a high end product does not necessarily indicate it is a better product. A good product to me is more than a logo. It is the smell of leather. It feels comfortable. It’s going to hold up under a bit more than normal wear and tear……need I say more. To pay $1800 for a bag that in a year or two, hard rubber cording has worn through the leather corners….is a damn site from top quality to me. AND dare I say, at that price, the repair should be free for as long as you own the bag. Right folks? And any sales clerk who gives me a snooty attitude, will not quickly forget me as I remind the person, which of us is working and which of us is shopping. I had this happen to me in a casino boutique shop and it is so annoying to have someone who is probably working for minimum wage plus whatever commision they can get….”size you up”. I often, intentionally dress down to shop just so I can do so leisurely and not have to have a pushy sales person in my face. Anyway, back to the LV. This brand is so imitated….more so than probably any product ever made. When I am standing in line at the grocery store behind a mom with 5 screaming kids who is making a purchase with food stamps and pulling the foodstamps out of a LV purse. Come on, really! Every where you go you see someone with a LV and you just know it’s a knock off. I opened my eyes to the fact…..there are so many wonderful, good quality, fashionable bags to be had. Who needs LV? I just purchased an incredible purse at my local upscale mall for about $200! It’s so nice, I can’t take my eyes off of it and everywhere I go someone comments what a beautiful bag I have. In all of the years that I thought I had to have LV, no one ever told me my LV was gorgeous! For the price of LV, I can have several of these and not sacrifice quality either.

    • Miriam Canary

      I agree is not the logo, just the class

  55. Shellini

    D&B and Coach are no longer made in the US. I actually want an LV partly because it is made in the US. If a designer bag was Made in China, I won’t buy it. If I want a Made in China bag, I can go to Walmart or Target. If I want a designer, then I was USA, France or Italy made. 🙂

  56. Svet

    LV has manufacturer in US and the company name is “French Company”. Their products have some differencies if compare to “made in France” but not in quality of craftmanship but detailing. Read more about French Company in tips on how to spot fake LV, very educating.

  57. Lorena

    I just bought a pair of shoes at LV in Santa Monica-Cali. I had a lengthy conversation with the manager and yes, the top 100 models are being made in the USA and the others in France and Italy.

  58. Khris

    The French and the Italians are great designers, there is no question about that. I applaud Louis Vuitton for manufacturing their superb designs here in the United States. It makes it very easy to spend money on their products when they include the American worker in the process.

  59. Jerry


    Are you kidding? Take pride in the fact that you have supported the US economy and the American worker. All too often foregin products have been glorified to the detriment of our own manufacturing. I applaud you for buying American made and hope many others follow your lead.

  60. VV

    Coach handbags are made in china.

  61. Juliet

    Please tell me this is the truth. I just removed a sale on Ebay because someone told me that the Louis Vuitton Handbag I was trying to sell is fake. The handbag say Louis Vuitton Paris made in USA #SD0934

  62. justoffboulevard

    It was a shock at first to see Made in USA, but I am seeing more LV styles that way. I wouldn’t necessarily compare the LV Made in USA to Coach or Dooney & Bourke mainly because most of their handbags are actually imported; Made in China. As long as the craftsmanship is the same as the LV Made in France, I think it’s fine if the label says Made in USA. I have a Mono Lockit purchased in 2005 stamped Made in USA & both my Mono French Wallet & Key Pouch stamped Made in Spain. I just picked up a Damier Ebene Speedy 30 yesterday stamped Made in USA.

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