Luis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks

LV 100 Trunks

In the mid-1800’s, transportation was becoming more accessible to people by means of trains and steamships. With a new method of practical transportation, people needed more practical luggage—a concept that Louis Vuitton understood really well. He started creating iconic travel trunks, in which he combined luxury with travel.

This month, the company of Luis Vuitton is releasing “Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks”, a history book that showcases 100 of the best trunks that the company has produced on commission. Included are trunks made for celebrities, authors and other designers such has Karl Lagerfeld., With over eight hundred photographs, you can see the evolutionary images of trunks, including trunk bed, caviar box and toiletry kits. This book also shares with you the process of how Vuitton makes their trunks. It is actually a lengthy process as all travel trunks are custom made and must be approved by the corporate headquarters in Paris.

I’ve included just a few images here but if you want the book, you can get it at for $78.75. (Originally $125).

LV 100 Flower Trunk
LV 100 Bookcase

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  1. Linh dang

    Hi my name is Linh, can you guys tell me how can I search for more Luis Vuitton handbags, cause I read alls the comment , and I saw the bags people by I really like it.
    Thank you .

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