Reverse Bidding

I don’t really remember how I came across this website, but I have never heard of until just a few days ago. This designer outlet website was started by the same team from Net-A-Porter who wanted to create a site where they could sell designer things for cheaper. What attracted me to this site was their “Going Going Gone” Sale. Basically what happens is an item goes on sale for a price and the price will continuously lower every second or minute until someone bids on it. It works like a reverse bidding. So instead of how high of a price you willing to go with a regular bidding like on eBay, this reverse bidding takes an extra spin, sort of like a dare of how low you are willing to spend on that particular item. You don’t want to keep waiting around too long or set your level too low or else someone else might bid on it before you. This site is an authorized seller for designer clothes, handbags and shoes, so don’t worry, all their items are legit. This site also has “Pop-Up” sales that feature some items on sale only for a limited time, and best of all, free giveaways. What a great way to buy designer items for cheaper. I’m hooked!

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