The Simple…Kind of Simple Ways of Saving for the Holidays: Installment 3

Welcome to the final Installment of my Simple…Kind of Simple Ways of Saving for the Holidays!

Now, all that grocery shopping is done, and you’re done slaving away in the kitchen…you can go out and do some damage!

                            Shopping Bag

Holiday Gifts
Strategy A:  Black Friday (aka: the day after thanksgiving)

Difficulty Level: Moderate to High

Depending on where you’re going and what you plan on getting, Black Friday shopping can get pretty intense. If you want that HD LCD TV then plan on camping out, but if you’re shopping for regular Christmas gifts, you can’t beat the prices you’ll find on this day. So, I suggest hitting the malls and outlet for your gifts, tell the guys to line up for that TV you want! =)

Strategy B: Black Friday Shopping Online

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Instead of going out and waiting in line, you can simply get some of those low low prices by purchasing online. Some sites you can get away with free shipping and no tax. Now, that’s a plus! A great place to find all you Black Friday sales is

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