Who Knew it Wasn’t Just a Scarf?

Now and days we seem to like to dress up our handbags as much as we like to dress up ourselves. A very popular accessory for OUR favorite accessory is the scarf. Most of the time we know scarves to keep our neck warm in the winter, provide fun touches to our wardrobe in the spring, keep our hair back and hiding during our bad hair days in the summer, and we’ve even made scarves into handbags.

The trend now is, wrap it on your bag. You can purchase many of your designer handbags with scarves already on them. Gucci likes to use the scarf as a top trim over their straw bags. COACH, Burberry, and Hermes likes theirs tied to a certain corner of the handle.

Sometimes designers like to charge you those extra bucks just for the scarf. My advice, buy your favorite designer bag at the outlet. If you have the intention of accessorizing later with a scarf make sure to buy a handbag that is either all soft leather or a straw bag. These go best with scarves without overdoing it. After, you can find a pattern on a scarf you like rather being committed to the one the designers give you. If you want to stick with COACH or Burberry you can pick the pattern you like. Most designers will sell scarves separately. Who knows you might fall in love with one that isn’t. These of course can be purchased for a great deal…at an OUTLET (yes, I love my outlets). The only time I would suggest you buy the scarf with the handbag is if you want a handbag like Gucci’s Or Michael Kors where the scarf is woven into the straw trim of the bag. This my dear friends, will be harder to do by yourself.

Finally, the most common way to tie the scarf on the handle is either the typical bow or the one looped bow. I’m more prone to go the old fashion way of the bow, but either I think looks quite trendy. It’s best however to keep it one scarf per bag.

*Fun Tip*

A friend actually told me about this. She suggested and told me that she read somewhere that you can buy a silk scarf and wrap it around the leather handles of your designer bag. This will prevent the oils and dirt from your hands getting on the leather. The natural oils in our hands tend to age the leather a lot quicker. I was thinking about it and it wasn’t a bad idea. Plus, it doesn’t look like your bag is too over accessorized.

Who knew it wasn’t just a scarf. Let me know if there are more fun ideas to accessorize a handbag with a scarf!

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