Candy Wrapper Handbags – Cool and Fun

Candy Wrapper Handbag

I’ve been seeing many candy wrapper handbags out on the streets lately, so I decided to finally write a blog post about them. Let’s dive into this fun looking handbag, shall we?

What makes these handbags so different? These candy wrapper handbags are handmade and are made entirely from recycled candy wrappers. They are usually made in India, Vietnam, China, or the Philippines. The reason for this is that these handbags are very time consuming to make and since labor costs are much cheaper in the Third World Countries, the labor gets outsourced there. These handbags are very light in weight. Because it is made of recycled wrappers, it has a tendency to not be so durable. I wouldn’t recommend putting too many heavy objects in this purse. This type of purse is great for the basics, such as: a cellphone, credit cards, cash, and some small cosmetics.


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