Coach Lanyard – Who Needs One?

I was at the Coach store earlier this week and I noticed that they were selling lanyards. These lanyards were pretty and I was wondering who would buy these? I couldn’t think of how I could use one of these for myself.

The lanyard seems to be used for staff members who need to constantly show their identification. I would guess it would be a popular piece for sales staff at a military base. A military base requires identification at all times. The military bases probably sell Coach as well, so it would be a nice form of advertisement for Coach as well.

Too bad I have no use for one of these because they truly are sharp!

3 thoughts on “Coach Lanyard – Who Needs One?

  1. FY

    Do you still have this for sale?

  2. Cassie

    A lot of schools require students to wear and ID at all times, also a lot of works require the same thing.

  3. Milania

    I use one. I am a teacher. Lots o teachers like them because they are stylish.

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