Motivational Headsets “The Beats Pro” by Dr. Dre

As I was at the gym vigorously working off residual holiday goodness from the year 2011 (Note to self: This year’s New Year resolution should be to not delay a New Year’s resolution), I began to take notice of the headphones gym goers were using. The word, “use” is actually an understatement for what these people are doing with their headphones. They are “ROCKING” their headphones while toning, shaping, reforming, molding, and [please insert impossibly torturous adjectives that can describe a sweat inducing workout] getting physically fit.

Yes, people are rocking out their headphones with style while exercising. I see blinged out ones, color matching ones, and a new trend of “Beats” by Dr. Dre from Monster. Sheesh, can I throw anymore commas into this blog post? Now join me as we venture back to the topic of this post. The red “b” logo on almost everyone’s headphones had me surfing the web for the scoop on why it’s so popular.

“Beats” by Dr. Dre are said to be built sturdy so you can throw away the iPhone headsets that keep falling apart on you, and replace it with these $399.95 bad boys in the picture above. “Beats” by Dr. Dre has other headsets in various shapes to suit everyone’s various needs. The prices are all different, but the one I am talking about is “The Beats Pro” by Dr. Dre. It provides a tremendous amount of bass without bass bleed. I read somewhere that the bass was, “like a lion crammed in a cage.” Music can be shared by daisy chaining because there is an input output cable. The headset isolates sound so that you can exercise without having to hear the person next to you pant and curse on the treadmill. Why do you hate me stupid treadmill?

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