Rebecca Minkoff “Knuckles” for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Scratch that. I recently went holiday shopping for my friends and family yesterday… let me just say that the rush of people stampeding over each other, via car or feet, was overwhelming. The women in needle thin heels are worse than the hooves of any stampeding animal alive.

After one swollen toe and a bruise growing to be the size of a baseball, I was only able to complete three of a ridiculous amount of gifts (two of which were ordered online might I add). The one purchase I made that did amuse me was the Rebecca Minkoff ‘Knuckles’ iPhone 4 & 4S Case for $58 at Nordstrom. I would have never guessed who would come up with such a unique idea. I’m using “unique” in a positive sense. It is an iPhone case shaped like brass knuckles. I mean inventive! I can’t say the same about the style and how well it will fit in a pocket, but I guess if it were carried in a purse there wouldn’t be a problem.

The Rebecca Minkoff ‘Knuckles’ was on the wish list of an eccentric friend whose name I had pulled out of the secret Santa box. Let us hope she doesn’t actually use them as knuckles unless there are people out there that enjoy being hit by an iPhone.

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