The Silver Thirst Necklace Skip

Have you ever woken up one day to watch the morning news discuss charities then end up feeling like a load of useless ****? (Apparently curse words are not desirable so let us insert “waste”). There is so much going on in the world without our knowledge as we routinely go about our everyday lives. The thought left me in a major funk.

To pull myself out of that funk I started reading about donating to causes, and what I can do to lend a hand. There was a website that had proceeds from jewelry purchases go towards certain worthy causes. Each product for purchase lists the website you can click into to find out which charity the proceeds will go to. Who doesn’t see the win-win idea here? The accessories itself look great so you can get a token for yourself as you donate to a cause.

The campaign for Swaziland Silver Thirst Necklace represents access to safe water and sanitation for the single highest HIV/Aids population of any country. The necklace has a 1.5” high pendant inscribed with the word “thirst” that hangs on an adjustable leather cord for $500. Twenty percent of the proceeds go to The Thirst Project. Look it up and be philanthropic.

The “can-do/will-do” attitude I was radiating was so positive I found an unknown skip to my steps. Not that I physically acted out on that skip, mind you, but I did a marathon of skips in my head.

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