Wicker baskets?

Here’s an adorably cool twist to the environmentally-friendly shopping bag, a Williams-Sonoma market basket:

Williams-Sonoma Market Basket

Toting home my groceries in a wicker basket just sounds super cute. Apparently, it’s popular at open air markets in Europe, and really, it does seem pretty old-school European, no? And this wicker basket is definitely more convenient with its wheels that make it easier to cart around. Forget the canvas shopping bags, I would love to stroll around the local farmer’s market carting this basket around.

2 thoughts on “Wicker baskets?

  1. Donna Clifford

    How much is this in US dollars?

  2. Kimberley

    Hey, I think that wicker baskets are such versatile tools. Shopping totes for groceries or storage at home for the groceries. Anyway you look at it, wicker baskets have better qualities than any ordinary grocery bag.

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