Designer Purses at Canal Street

What the heck is Canal Street? Canal Street is located in New York City between Worth Street and Kenmare Street. That general area is recognized as the China Town of New York City. So, what does this even have to do with designer purses, Jen? Well, Canal Street is known for their Replica Designer Handbags–including top designer brands such as (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Christian Dior, Prada, Versace and the list continues). Let’s take a taxi ride to Canal Street, shall we?

As you walk down Canal Street, don’t be surprised if a gentleman stops you to show you a flyer with pictures of many different designer handbags. His goal is to get you to purchase one of his designer handbags. But, why would you even consider buying a bag from a random stranger on the street? Well, what if I told you that he was willing to sell you the brand new Louis Vuitton — Never Full Tote (retail price: $700.00 USD) for only $15. Wouldn’t you be at least a bit interested in taking a peek at what he had to offer? Maybe, this analogy may help those of you who are in denial. Imagine that you are about to pass out from hunger, but at the same time you had strict orders from your doctor for a low-calorie diet–your friend then offers you a mouth-watering juicy all beef paddy Mc Donalds hamburger–you know that you should resist; but, you think to yourself, “one bite wouldn’t hurt” Now, do you catch my drift, gals? Unfortunately, I’ve always played the role as the goody girl, so never was I able to let my temptations take the better half of me–leaving me with many unanswered questions about these designer purses from Canal Street:

1) Are the police in New York ever on the lookout for these handbag merchants?
2) How good or bad are these replica designer purses?
3) How do these handbag merchants get the designer handbags in the first place?
4) Can you actually tell the difference between an authentic designer purse versus one purchased from Canal Street?