Tod's Wave Bag

There are more varieties of handbags on the market than ever before. There is everything from the quiet minimalistic sophistication of Mansur Gavriel to the wild and wacky cartoonish creations of Moschino. However, as it so often happens when we are surrounded by choice, some of the best options often slip pass us, lost in a sea of possibilities.

One such bag is from storied, design house, Tod's. Tod's has been steadily toiling-away for years, making high-quality leather goods. Their bags and loafers have a sophisticated, sturdy appeal that is always on the right side of luxury. Their Wave Bag is the perfect example of that.

The Wave Bag comes in sizes ranging from mini to large. It takes all of our favorite elements of the popular bag trends of the past decade and somehow manages to combine it into one cohesive bag. It's crafted from a sturdy pebbled leather, has the ever-popular satchel handles on the top of the bag, and even has something for those of us who long for the embellished bags of the late 90s and 2000s — a quiet series of rubber studs line the bottom of the bag which blend seamlessly with the color of the bag. There is a detachable shoulder strap for those (like yours truly) who don't trust themselves not to set their bags down and lose track. The color range is vast, and there are even suede and multicolor versions available as well.

The Wave bag starts at $1,995.