Fendi Spy Bag

Even as the era of the super-sized, ultra-luxe “it” bag draws to a close, there is still a very high demand for many of these bags. The Fendi Spy bag is one such bag that still commands a price that can start anywhere at $400 onwards, depending on the condition of the bag.

The Fendi Spy bag, launched in 2005, is one of the most revered and knocked-off designer handbags there ever has been. Because the bag is no longer in production, potential buyers cannot just visit Fendi and purchase a Spy Bag outright; the bag must be purchased second-hand. As one might imagine, the internet is rife with knockoffs. Want to know how to spot a counterfeit Spy Bag? Here are three key things to look for.

1. The Lipstick Compartment

The Fendi Spy bag is known for its outer compact and lipstick compartments, otherwise known as the “spy wand”. If your Fendi Spy is authentic, the cap of the wand should be mirrored glass, not metal, and certainly not plastic.

2. The Leather

Although there are non-leather special edition spy bags, the most coveted ones are leather. The leather of a Spy bag should have a large, pebbled effect, and are extremely soft. If the leather feels oily or stiff (it may not even be leather), it is likely not authentic.

3. The Lining

The lining of a Fendi Spy bag should be the traditional FF “Zucca” lining that serves as Fendi’s trademark. The FF logo should be absolutely straight and centred. If it isn’t, you’re probably looking at a fake.