Pashli Backpack + Alexander Wang  Bucket

The era of the “it bag” may be on its way out, but that is certainly not to say that every season, there are not a few handbag specimens that pique the interest of even the most stalwartly pragmatic fashionista. This season in particular there were two specific new designs that really helped to define what’s new in top designer purses and handbags; the 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Backpack, and Alexander Wang’s Lambskin Bucket Bag.

Philip Lim’s Pashli backpack is a riff on the hugely popular Pashli tote bag that has been a stalwart favorite for a few seasons now. The backpack version however, may just have the edge; it mixes the crisp architectural design of the tote with the pragmatic, utilitarian design of a backpack. This marriage of form and function is perfectly timed, and very typical of the visionary designs of Philip Lim. This season, backpacks are experiencing a surge in popularity for the first time since the 1990s.

Also drawing from the 1990s archive is Alexander Wang. His Lambskin Bucket Bag design is at once reminiscent of the bucket bags of the 1990s, but with a decidedly 2014 twist. The luxurious quality leather, studded hardware, and small yet cylindrical shape give it more of an edgy, modern feel that brings this version of the classic bucket bag back into our modern vernacular.

If you are looking for a classic design that will be sure to last for decades to come, either of these modern classics is an excellent choice for 2014, and for the years to come.