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  1. Handbag History 101

    Handbag History 101
    Interestingly enough, handbags were first made and worn by males as early as 480 BC. So the next time you decide to go window shopping with your man, try dressing him up with a bag and as he begins to lecture you about his masculinity, impress him with your newfound knowledge. This probably won’t convince him to go with you to Saks...
  2. Top 10 ways to recognize a quality handbag

    Top 10 ways to recognize a quality handbag
    Hey everybody, it's Jen again! I know I left my viewers in anticipation in my last post. But, today is a new day and a new day comes for a new topic. Today I am going to talk about quality handbags...  Many handbag companies inform their consumers that their handbags are finely constructed. The word, “quality,” is commonly used to describe this marketing schematic to the...

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