Kris Jenner - Hermes Birkins

We all know that infamous “Momager” and mother to the younger Kardashian clan Kris Jenner. Jenner loves a designer handbag, and in particular, she loves a Hermes Birkin. While it's true that this past fall, Jenner appeared to be cleaning house, auctioning-off one of her Birkins for a mere $19,000 (she didn't think the color suited her), lately, it seems as if she is actually increasing her collection, adding limited edition and rare bespoke Birkins to the mix.

With very few exceptions, Hermes does not gift their bags to celebrities, so Kris Jenner has most likely paid for most, if not all of her bags. Recently, the website attempted to tally-up Jenner's Birkin collection based on the bags they have seen her carrying, and they tried to estimate a price that Jenner may have paid when the bags originally hit the stores. While we concede that this isn't the most accurate method in the world, if even a fraction of Jenner's bags are worth what Pureblog seems to think, we are pretty gosh darn jealous of Jenner's collection! Here's a sampling of just five (of the fifteen or so Birkins that Purseblog highlighted as part of Jenner's collection. Bear in mind, this is only a third of the collection they highlighted, with a grand total coming in at $176,000!

1.) Ebene Leather and Toile Fabric 35 cm Birkin $11,000.00
2.) Black Togo Leather 40 cm Birkin $12,500.00
3.) Blaclk Matte Crocodile Leather Birkin $42,500.00
4.) Small Coral “Bougainvillea” 25 cm Birkin $14,000.00
5.) Shiny Red Braise Crocodile 35 cm Birkin $96,000.00