I was thinking to myself one day, I wonder what the ugliest handbag in the world right now looks like. I thought to myself, could there be such a thing? Naw…but could there? Well it couldn’t hurt to Google “ugliest bag in the world” to see what popped up.

This is what I saw:


To my surprise, it’s actually anonymous what the answer is. It’s Louis Vuitton and his tribute to patchwork.   Blog after blog, opinion after opinion the answers were the same. I was kind of surprised. I didn’t expect people to agree in such vast quantities. Most of the time, especially when opinion is concern, no one agrees. I was looking at the bag for a while. I was kind of swayed by others opinions, but at the same time was thinking. “It’s Louis Vuitton.” My first initial reaction was, “yeah this bag is pretty ugly” and then I saw the price- $52,000. What the..!!?? Well the fact that there is only FIVE for sale in North America and 24 in total in the world would explain the price tag- but man the bag is ugly for the price.

I was still looking at the bag for a while and thinking…is this bag really that ugly? Well I definitely would not be carrying it…then I saw this picture:


 …and my only reaction to this bag was LOL (laughing out loud). I couldn’t stop LOL. This bag is gigantic! When you see someone like Beyonce caring it, it really puts the bag into proportion.

The more I looked at the bag, the more I began to laugh. I couldn’t totally see some woman carrying this bag and pull it off. While most of us can’t afford the real thing, I’m sure copies are already out and there are women walking around with the bag. So the conclusion I came to about the most expensive and voted ugliest bag in the world is that- it’s more of the funniest looking bag in the world, instead of the ugliest, because come on ladies, we know those crazy designers- there’s always uglier, we just haven’t found it yet.