Summer is finally here! Just feel those blazing rays beating down on you; burning skin pigments to the point of no return (SUNBLOCK). The scorching heat of summer which causes an unquenchable thirst is definitely something to enjoy. Sounds like fun! I’ll admit that it’s not my favorite season, but the pro that comes to mind undoubtedly outweighs the cons. The summer season means it’s time to get away! Vacation! WOO!

For those of my compadres out there that watched The Hangover 2, a “murse” was shown on one of the characters. It was also a laugh worthy incident when it was introduced to the rest of the guys, but how come only women can carry a purse without criticism when we have to jam our pockets while traveling? It looks funny when we stick bulky wallets or money clips in our front pockets, and it is uncomfortable to sit on if it’s in the back pocket. That is why I suggest “Tumi’s T-Tech Icon Lewis — Small” side satchel for us traveling blokes that want to maintain a machismo look. This satchel can be found on Nordstrom’s for $115, but feel free to check out the rest of Tumi’s travel collections.