Roger Vivier Clutch

Who is Roger Vivier? I hear that name now and then...but I really have no idea who he is...then I came across that clutch you see above, which I'm still trying to figure out what it's made out of, when I decided to google this fellow. Here is what I found out about him.

Roger Vivier (1907—1998) was a French fashion designer who specialized in shoes. His best known creation was the Stiletto heel. Vivier has been called the "Fragonard of the shoe". He designed extravagant richly-decorated shoes that he described as sculptures and was credited with the design of the first stiletto heel in 1954. Vivier designed shoes for Christian Dior from 1953 to 1963. In addition to the stiletto heel, he also experimented with other shapes including the comma. He used silk, pearls, beads, lace, appliqué and jewels to create unique decorations for his shoes.

In the 1960s Vivier also designed silk-satin knee boots outlined in jewels, and thigh-high evening boots in a black elastic knit with beads. His most iconic design, the Pilgrim pumps with silver buckles (worn by Catherine Deneuve in the film Belle de Jour) received international publicity and many imitations. Vivier's shoes are on display at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Musée du Costume et de la Mode at the Louvre.

Wow! I can't believe I didn't know about him since I LOVE shoes! I have a new found respect for him...but I would definitely say, stick to the shoes...because that clutch is really NOT doing it for me!