Handbag Ffashion Matching Tips

If you've finally invested in that designer bag that you have been lusting after for months (if not years), a hearty congratulations is in order. A luxury designer handbag is an investment that, with proper care, can not only last you for decades, but depending on the brand, can actually retain up to 75% of its original retail value!

However, now that you've got your coveted handbag in your possession, there is the not-so small matter of how you are going to style it. Although it might seem odd to have to think about styling a handbag, there are actually some really good reasons to think in terms of the “total package” when debuting your new investment. When you stop and consider what sartorial choices you are putting with your new handbag, you will be well placed to really make the most of its inherent beauty. The following styling tips are two quick and easy ways to ensure that your beautiful investment gets center stage.

Don't try to be too matchy-matchy
While the old adage of matching your handbag to your shoes may be one of the oldest styling tips in the book, it can actually detract from your look. Instead of looking effortlessly chic, sporting a perfectly-matched handbag, shoe, and belt combination can actually make it look like you are trying a little too hard. Focus instead on dressing in complementary tones, allowing the handbag to be the strongest piece in the mix.

Size matters
Although the size of your new bag is something that cannot be changed, the proportions of your look can. Make sure that any bag you are carrying works well with the proportions of your look. The newer, more voluminous shapes that are hitting the stores for fall can totally change the way you look carrying your bag after a summer of shorter hemlines and form-fitting tops.