Clutch Handbag On Belt

Leave it to the fashion industry to redefine not only how we want our handbags to look from season to season, but how we go about carrying them. While for the most part, many of us have assumed that a handbag was meant to be carried by the handles that are attached (or perhaps detachable) to the outer portion of the bag, this season has made us begin to doubt even this most rudimental of handbag features. This season, it would appear that designers are trying to show us that we have all been operating well below our creative thresholds by coming up with ever-increasingly creative (if not downright odd) ways for us to transport our handbags from hither to yon. Here are two of our favourites from the runways of Milan Fashion Week, 2014.

Attached to a Belt
Yes, it is invocative of the dreaded “fanny pack” (aka the “bum bag” for those of you in the UK), but for whatever reason, we kind of like it. Etienne Aigner and Henry Holland both showed us clutches clipped to a belt during Milan Fashon Week, and this time around, the sleek, minimalistic profile of this look speaks to us.

As an oversized clutch with your wrist through the top handle
This trend, having emerged several seasons ago at the height of the minimalism trend, is by far the most popular way to carry a handbag that we’ve seen in quite some time. Seen regularly at Céline over the past few seasons, this look was also spotted at Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld.