Best Mini Handy Backpacks

For the most part, trends in handbag design are pretty accessible; it doesn’t matter what dress size, height, or age you are, a handbag is one of the most forgiving fashion items out there. But that is not to say that there have not been handbag trends over the years that have been, shall we say…favoring the difficult side of things. Here is one handbag style that has proven itself both popular and difficult over the years, and some styling tips on how to wear it.

The Mini Backpack

This past season, both backpacks and mini bags have once again become a bit of a thing; we’ve seen the likes of both gracing the runways at both Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton, as well as many, many other design houses. But it’s when the backpack and the mini bag are combined into one — that’s where we run into difficulty.

As pragmatic as the idea of a mini backpack might be, the one thing that this small accessory does not have on its side, is scale. To put it bluntly, if not styled right, a mini backpack carries with it the risk of making your backside appear much, much bigger than it actually is.

The solution? Pay attention to scale. Employ some clever layering in order to visually break-up your look. Try a short jacket or vest over a long, flowing blouse. This play on scale helps to create more contrast and motion in a look, while helping you balance your bottom line.