Every fashion season, the sartorial powers that be roll-out the "must have" handbags of the season, often causing serious collectors and enthusiasts alike to work themselves into a froth trying to secure that ultra-trendy handbag of the moment. However, if we're being completely honest with ourselves, even those of us who are diehard handbag enthusiasts have to admit that some of our trendier bags are also probably some of the least-used bags in our wardrobes. Going into this fall season, we thought it might be wise to issue everyone a gentle reminder of those rarely-used trendy "investment" bags in our wardrobes, and perhaps even use them as a cautionary tale. Specifically, we've chosen to highlight two popular bag styles, and some pretty solid reasons for reaching for the budget-friendly version of them should you feel tempted to splurge.

The Clutch: The Unkept Promise of the Handbag World

Clutches seem like a no-brainer. They can pack a dramatic sartorial punch for something so small, and are easy to store, making them a very tempting collector's item. However, if there was ever a bag that consistently will not live up to its promise, it's the clutch. No matter what shape your prized new clutch may be, it is never going to fit all of the things you want to take with you on a night out - even after you're pared-down. They're too big to leave on the table at a restaurant, but too small to put under said table and not get either lost or stolen. And of course, if you want to look at the clutch in terms of pure value for the money, they can be awfully expensive for something so small. Go budget on this one. You'll thank us later.

The Double-Handle Mini Satchel - Without a Shoulder Strap

There really is nothing as classy as a structured satchel, and those mini satchels with the top handles are a delightful variation on the theme. Structured yet feminine (and adorable!), they seem a natural compromise; the best of both worlds when it comes to flexible modern style. Or are they?

What a mini satchel brings to the table in sartorial loveliness, it exponentially lacks in practicality. "Trying on" a mini satchel might make you may feel very finished and sophisticated as you carry the bag by the top handles, but trust us when we tell you that this feeling will wear off, and wear off fast. A bag tin which you constantly give over one of your two hands to is at best, an annoyance. At worst, it is a liability. Be safe and do what the sailors do and keep one hand for the ship, and the other for yourself. Your handbag should never prevent you from using your arms for the purpose they were intended for - the sourcing and acquisition of new handbags!