Back in February, while the rest of us were looking forward to Spring's promise of a newer, greener, and hopefully warmer season, the fashion world was busying itself trying to figure out what we all might want to be wearing in the fall.

The handbags that are predicted to be all the rage in the Fall have a familiar look to them. Shapes have been revisited, and graphic patterns and unusual designs, something that the Spring season sort of shrugged-off (temporarily, as it turns out) are back for a second turn. Here are some of the Fall 2016 handbags that have seem to be on the tip of ever fashion editor's tongue.

The Graphic Bag

Gucci - Supreme Chain Bag In Mini Tian Print

Surprisingly, after several seasons of bright colors and crazy, cartoon-like prints, the graphic bag is still going strong. This Gucci Supreme Chain Bag in Mini-Tian Print promises to meld the more understated and lightweight designs of Spring with Fall's heavier, graphic sensibilities to meet us somewhere in the middle. The graphic-designed Gucci GG series bags start at about $2,600.

Circle Bags

Dolce And Gabbana - Leopard Shoulder Bag

The re-emergence of circular handbags was yet another trend that was surprising for Fall. You just don't realize how squared-off everything you own is until you try to fit it all inside a mid-sized round handbag!

However, the round handbag was back on the Fall runways, and some major design houses (including Paco Rabanne and Alexander McQueen) were showing them, complete with bold graphic patterns and textures! This chain strap Dolce and Gabbana hits just the right balance between a graphic print and a non-traditional shape by making use of a classic leopard print. Dressed enough to use in the evening, but edgy enough to have street cred, this bag will likely turn out to be a surprising wardrobe staple. The Dolce and Gabbana Leopard Shoulder Bag starts at $895.