2015 Circle Handbags

The ever-changing face of what's trendy in the fashion world has morphed once again, this time taking the form of a fresh new crop of handbags for spring 2015. It's true that the past few fashion cycles have seen a lot of different handbag styles come and go. Pouches, cross-body bags, buckets, trapezoidal totes, and fold over clutches (among others) have all had their fifteen minutes of fame over the past few seasons. However, this spring, something truly fresh appears to be on the horizon, the likes of which we have not seen since MC Hammer showed us his moves in that now infamous pair of oversized trousers.

Circular bags, not seen in any real abundance since the 80s, are back with a vengeance for spring, this time with all sorts of fresh, clean, and modern variations on the theme. From Marc Jacobs' pop art version to main street retailers Karen Walker and Topshop's serviceable everyday cross-body bags, this is a trend that appears to have plans to stick around a while.

The circle bag trend actually originated in Korea, where they started popping-up on street style blogs and in editorial photo shoots back in 2014. Although most of the early permutations of the design were cross-body bags, with big-name design houses such as Versace and Marc Jacobs picking up on the trend, we are likely to see an explosion of these modern yet feminine designs cropping-up in a myriad of shapes, colors, and sizes in the months to come.