The ever-evolving nature of fashion is both its best and its most vulnerable feature. One season, we just can't get enough of a certain item, while the next we're ridiculing it for being unspeakably passé. The world of handbag design is just as susceptible to this kind of trend-driven fickleness as any other part of the fashion industry, and while there are definitely certain bags that will never go out of style, there are plenty more that will, and have. If you're a handbag lover, this look back at two of the most awkward popular handbag styles will most assuredly bring back memories of some handbag styles that you either still love, or perhaps might rather forget.

Urban Outfitters Brown Urban Renewal Vintage Small Leather Backpack

The teeny-tiny backpack
These little utilitarian gems first found their footing in the 90s. They were fussy to get into, had a tendency to hang awkwardly, were a dream for pickpockets, and could easily make your rear look bigger that it was if not styled properly. However, styled properly, they can also impart a utilitarian chic that is unmatched by more conventional bags. Despite their few (okay, many) caveats, small backpacks are indeed making a comeback, and have been appearing over the past few fashion cycles on street style blogs and off-duty models.

Oversized Pink Envelope Clutch

The oversized envelope clutch
The oversized envelope clutch trend hit the A-listers hard for a while; every photo you saw of a red carpet event a starlet could be seen clutching one of these brightly-colored, portfolio-like confections. The pros? They're a great way to add a pop of color to a look, fit everything inside for a night out, and are a bit more unexpected than a shoulder bag or tote. The cons? They're a bit too casual for evening, are difficult to hold on to, and can look a bit cartoonish if not styled proportionately with a look.