Chanel has launched something new for spring — the Gabrielle. The Gabrielle is not so much a single bag as it is their newest capsule collection; it includes smaller and larger shoulder bags, a shopping tote, a backpack, and a drawstring bag.

All around the blogosphere, accessories editors are remarking on the sheer firepower that Chanel has put behind this particular campaign, likening it to the campaign they launched before the unveiling of their now iconic Boy Bag that launched a frenzy within the fashion world and a thousand copycat styles that are still going strong today. So if a shared history of a full court publicity press by the house of Chanel is any indicator of the brand's expectation of the popularity of the Gabrielle collection, we may indeed be in for a treat.

Design wise, the collection is actually pretty straightforward. The most popular and photographed bags, the shoulder bags, are simple top-zip quilted leather hobo-style bags with an offset chain and leather strap. While the design itself is simple, what it does have is that unquantifiable classic appeal of a Chanel piece. In this vein, it is perhaps not surprising for a collection that is very grounded in the traditions of the Chanel brand to be available only in a limited selection of neutral colors: white, beige, navy, and black.

The nod to the aesthetic heritage of the Chanel brand cannot be denied in their Gabrielle line. However, will the collection go on to become the next Boy Bag? Only time will tell.