For the past few years, the storied auction house, Christies, has blazed a new trail through the handbag world by entering into the world of high-end handbags. Over the past few years, they have successfully auctioned-off scores of valuable high-end handbags in several locations around the world. In fact, their auctions proved to be so popular that this year, they've come up with a few new ways to re-invigorate their handbag auction game, and collectors all over the world are getting ready to pounce!

This time around, Christies, is planning on offering an edit of some of the world's most exclusive, hard to find handbags that have never been in production. The first event is their Handbags Live Auction, scheduled for June 12th at their headquarters in London. Interested buyers can bid either live in person, on the internet or by phone. The second event will begin the 13th of June and run through the 22nd. Christies are calling this ten-day extravaganza their Handbags & Accessories Online Summer Auction. They will offer a wider range of products compared to their Handbags Live Auction, with offerings for both the discerning collector and budding enthusiasts alike. However, that is not to say that the pieces on offer will be anything other than exclusive; many, if not most, of the items available at auction are likely to be things that are not readily available at the design houses' retail locations or online.