There is perhaps no better identifying icon for the success of Prada's handbag line than that of the nylon bag. Most handbag enthusiasts can reach back into their memory banks (and quite often their closets) and pull out one or Prada's early black nylon delights; the sleek design, the lightweight effortless feeling of it on our shoulders...since the beginning we've loved everything about Prada's use of nylon in their handbag line.

For this reason, it gives me great pleasure to turn your fashion-loving eye back to the days of the Prada nylon bag, and in doing so into the future of the Parada nylon bag! Ladies and gentlemen, the Prada Fluo collection!

This collection of brightly-colored nylon bags harkens back to the glory days of those little sleek, black 90s bags that we all coveted, but this time Prada is turning the volume up to eleven. Not unlike the scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy emerges from her little black and white farmhouse into a world of technicolor splendor, the Fluo collection's bright, fluorescent candy-colored offerings are as exciting to handbag collectors as the promise of a Great and Powerful OZ.

Design options range from totes and backpacks to belt bags and clutches, and each option boasts the kind of sleek, minimalist design that despite the shockwave-inducing color palette, promises to be every bit as covetable a few decades from now as they are now. That is, if the similarly designed 1990s sleek black nylon Prada clutch in my current handbag rotation is any indicator.