This past February of 2019, the Los Angeles city council past the ordinance to ban the sales and manufacturing of Fur products within city limits. The ban will go into effect January 1st, 2021. Allowing enough time to let L.A. stores to phrase out inventory within 2 years. The city will be joining San Francisco, West Hollywood, and Berkeley on banning Fur products such as clothing items, fashion accessories, and shoes.

Exemptions to the ordinance are ...

- Furs of animals trapped by California Fish and Game license holders.
- The pelt of a deceased animal that is preserved through taxidermy or for the purpose of taxidermy.
- The gift or transfer of a used fur product between private parties.
- A used fur product bought, sold, donated or owned by a person not in the primary business of selling fur or a fur product, including a nonprofit organization, second- hand store, or pawn shop.
- The manufacture of a fur product using fur sourced exclusively from a used fur product.
- A fur or fur product that is only being transported through the city.


How do you feel about the Fur ban? Do you think 2 years is enough time for store owners? Would this cause a ban ripple effect for other cities within California/ other states? Will fur lovers simply go elsewhere for their purchases? Comment down below!

Information obtain from varies Los Angeles news sources such as CBS Los Angeles and NBC4 News